About me

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Mother, Brazilian naturalized German, native speaker of Portuguese. In 2014, I moved permanently to the country where I completed my master’s degree, after living, working and studying in Spain, Denmark and England. The international experience made me fluent in English, Spanish, German and also in diversity.

I worked for almost 10 years in the areas of strategic and international communication and communication training. After a break for motherhood, I discovered, caring for and educating my son, the passion for pedagogy. In 2019, I started a technical and professional training in the area. Today, I work in the area of ​​educational assistance and care for adults with mental disabilities at a non-governmental institution in Germany.

In my work, while learning about pedagogy, I apply everything I know and learn about technology, communication and diversity to help people express their desires, achieve new opportunities for socialization, learning and work through digital tools.

“That people can express themselves, be heard and understood regardless of their social, cultural or neurological profile.”


  • Master in Communication and Media Sciences, Ilmenau Technological University, Germany.
  • Bachelor in Social Communication – Qualification in Cultural Production – Federal University of Bahia.
  • Professional Technician in Social Pedagogy – Study area: Education and Care. Technical School for Social Affairs. Germany (2019 – 2022)

Relevant Courses 

  • Communication and Technology;
  • Media, Communication and Politics;
  • Media Management;
  • Technology Psychology;
  • Mixed Reality;
  • Virtual Reality / Virtual Reality;
  • International and Intercultural Communication;
  • Semiotics;
  • Classical and current methodology in new media research;
  • Planning and Development of Communication and Culture Projects;
  • Participation, Education and Care of People with Physical, Psychological and Cognitive Disabilities.

Continuing education

  • Graphic Design, Escuela Arte Granada, Spain.
  • Public-Private Partnerships: The Experience of the United Kingdom. London School of Economics and Political Science, England.


My mission is to facilitate human expression in all its forms, dissolving physical, educational and cultural barriers through communication and the responsible and conscious use of technology.


Support parents, teachers and guardians in the acquisition of basic skills that will enable them to prepare their children and students for understanding the functioning of the media, technology and digital means of disseminating information.

Empower people so that they can read, understand and influence their reality through Media and Digital Literacy and the use of digital tools, regardless of social class, cultural or neurological profile.

Sensitize social and educational managers to the need for digital inclusion as a condition for the participation, socialization and education of people with disabilities in homes, workshops, daycare centers, schools and industries.

Sensitize social managers to the urgent need for training in digital media for professionals working in educational assistance to people with disabilities.


Respect for human beings and their knowledge is the fundamental basis of my work and my life. I value Science and Education and try to apply empathy and equity in all my choices.