TICs: Child Development

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The child’s introduction into the ICT-mediated society takes place long before his first access. It starts from the moment the baby observes how the technology is used and adopted in their living environments.

It is possible to educate people for the conscious use of information and communication technologies. Therefore, it is essential that parents, guardians and educators are prepared to evaluate and, if necessary, modify their own relationship with technology.

The first contact with ICTs is the ideal terrain for the construction of a narrative of safe and responsible use of these tools that may extend throughout the individual’s trajectory.

Knowledge of the functioning of ICTs and their effects, as well as use strategies to reduce risks and increase opportunities, provide the necessary basis for parents and guardians to act as positive models in relation to the use of technology. Thus, they can act effectively in preventing addiction to social networks, responsible use of digital media and offering adequate content, capable of promoting good child development.

  • Digital Literacy and Literacy in the First Years of Life;
  • Parental and Pedagogical Guidance: Selection and Use of Information and Communication Technologies in the Home Environment;
  • Living with Technology: Parental Behavior and ICTs;
  • Network Addiction Prevention.

Pedagogical Assistance: Media Psychology in Family Education, Knowing and Adopting Tools for Control and Evaluation of Digital Content, Curation of Children’s Digital Content, Bilingualism Facilitated by TICS.